Tree Of Life

This commission began at the dawning of 2020. My friend James Papas commissioned me for this piece. He provided a basic motif of a Celtic style Tree Of Life. I told him I wanted to incorporate planet Earth and was very pleased with the way it organically came out- thank you Gaia. The substrate is a great piece of Oak (one of my all time favorite trees). As for the other materials, I used various marbles, travertine, quartzite, jasper, amethyst, moonstone, a few other semi-precious stones and the heart piece is ancient amber. I’m honored to have such great support for my creative talent. This one will be quite the installment (it’s a bit heavy that is, but hey!)


I felt inspired to make this mosaic depicting the sword in the stone during Winter Solstice Christmas 2019 New Year 2020 while reading King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table

Waves of Nature (Riddle Contest!)

This mosaic was purchased by a local Sacramento designer Marty Elliott Twitchell for one of her clients. Here is the riddle of the piece- two questions, same answer.. “Looking through the window at the waves of nature, what am I looking at?” 2nd question- “As the colors of the spectrum glisten, I look into a kaleidoscopic prism through the?…..” The first person to answer correctly wins a free 1’x1′ mosaic of one of the 12 zodiac symbols from a collection I’m producing over the next two months alongside a few of the projects I am working on!



My most recent mosaic ‘Blood Veins’. Upon my return from India, I realized my innate need to look at my “self” through new lenses. And so.. it’s been clear to me to revisit ”foundation”. Not just as an artist, but on a soul level and what better way than with mosaic (with a whole lot of reflection/meditation, and music too). 

This particular piece is made of various stones from around the Earth, some of which are no longer available. ‘Blood Veins’ was is my workload for the entire summer season of 2019. I started using a template of the guitar given to me around the age of seven by one of my Grandfathers. The Sea of waves featured are indicative of the wealth of flavors and experiences along my path and the dimensional frequencies and events explored past, present, future. At one point while working on the fret board, I decided to completely redo it- realizing how it was mirroring my own tune-up, a work in progress. I could write indefinitely about the feelings that came up, the colors, the expressions that are woven into this work. It took me much longer than I ever thought, but hey.. It was worth the time, energy, patience, and love. 

I trust this will reach the rightful person and resonate well for their own good reasons. I’m humbled and grateful to put this kind of time in and stoked for where things are going along my path as an artist, as a human, as a spec of stardust, as a member of this great big family. I’m also very grateful to those I get to work with, make music with, share yoga with, and to my friend and brother William and his family for allowing me this space and time for the process!

Firenze Mosaic deDiego Arts


I have worked neck deep in fire much in my current lifetime, externally, in forest/park service, and deeper and deeper internally. I like the fiery tone stones and the grapevines backlit by gold and their alchemical dance. 50″x 50″. This piece can either serve as an inlay or a mighty table. Available now for $1500. Inquire for cost of shipping. Thanks!