Solar Stars

I made these two simultaneously, like binary stars *. These mosaics really took on a life of their own. Heavy duty iron frames, glass, stone, and metal tiles. Even some gold leaf in several of the tiles. They measure 60” diameter (entire frame) and the mosaics inside are 30″ before the frame. The two differ a bit, but I used mostly the same materials and they make a great pair. Now available $3,900 a piece or the both for $7k. For inquiries and acquiring, contact 530.957.9420

Dancing Bear

This is the iconic Grateful Dead 💀 Dancing Bear. A piece that a client commissioned as a Christmas present for his wife. He wanted me to pick the colors and I certainly had fun with it, even some gold leaf pieces in there. Wishing for a Merry Christmas for all and a safe, sound, and healthy 2021! May we conquer Covid and come out dancing our bear dance!

Ocean Sand Blast

My most recent mosaic (this coffee/tea table) has been fun and intense all at once. I was able to incorporate various glass and stone and refinish a sweet older table and give it a sea kissed kind of glaze. I find mosaics to be a powerful Guru, reminding me that as much as I want to smooth out the sharper edges, they always have something to teach, the diversity, the expansion, and with that contrast brings new growth, new horizons, new perspectives, new possibilities, new pathways to co- exist.

Available for $1,100

~ Aquarius ~

Aquarius mosaic. The Water Bearer ~ commissioned by my brother- Teo Weldon, this piece was so much fun. I’ve always enjoyed the zodiac, and certainly a lot of Aquarian energy in my family. What exciting times we’re living in, during the information age of aquarius that’s a cycle more than 2000 years and to infinite and beyond!!!!

Tree Of Life

This commission began at the dawning of 2020. My friend James Papas commissioned me for this piece. He provided a basic motif of a Celtic style Tree Of Life. I told him I wanted to incorporate planet Earth and was very pleased with the way it organically came out- thank you Gaia. The substrate is a great piece of Oak (one of my all time favorite trees). As for the other materials, I used various marbles, travertine, quartzite, jasper, amethyst, moonstone, a few other semi-precious stones and the heart piece is ancient amber. I’m honored to have such great support for my creative talent. This one will be quite the installment (it’s a bit heavy that is, but hey!)


I felt inspired to make this mosaic depicting the sword in the stone during Winter Solstice Christmas 2019 New Year 2020 while reading King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table

Wildfire Chess Set

I carved this chess set over the course of roughly four of the ten fire seasons during the time I worked with USFS, NPS, and BLM (while working in the Tahoe National Forest). This job would take us (crew of 20-ish souls) to all kinds of assignments throughout the northwestern U.S.A. Seasons would traditionally span 6 months each year averaging anywhere from 500-1000 hours overtime each season. During the in betweens I took up carving this set. It is hand carved Pinyon Juniper from the Eastern Sierras and White Spruce from a fire assignment in Alaska. The board I made from an Oak Burl from a fire in the El Dorado National Forest. That job was an integral chapter of my life that has truly been one of the most beautiful and toughest experiences of my life. For me the chess set draws on the dynamics of that crew life (two ten man modules coming together for a common cause, yet a healthy competition and fierce battle of strength and wits between.. Team work is a beautiful thing) It was special beyond measure and I’m thankful to the mentors, comrades, American River IHC, Tahoe IHC, Arrowhead IHC, Folsom Veterans Hand Crew, and each of these great agencies!