Artist Statement

Specializing in refined mosaics, de Diego Arts is owned and operated by me Nate deDiego Weldon. With each mosaic I make, I strive to break into new territory, ranging from contemporary concepts with inspirations of the old world.

Mosaic is a meditative process. What’s so exciting about being a mosaic artist is being able to use materials from all over the world. Being a world traveller this is important for me. Most of the semi precious stones I’ve worked with have ranged from exotic marbles to travertines, granite, and quartzite. I fell in love with Italian glass (used in ‘Athena’ mosaic).

Having been born and raised in the gold country of the Sierra Nevada, California foothills, I have a keen love for nature and a strong passion for beauty. I’m inspired by natures wonders, to various cultures of our world and our human story, history, mystery, and mysticism.

I’m also a big dreamer of the future and the potentials of a clean planet and becoming a sustainable civilization moves me in big ways.

Thanks for your interest. If you’d like a commissioned custom mosaic piece, I’d love to make it happen..

“I have had my mosaic tables for 10 years or more now and they are both in as beautiful condition as they were the first day I got them. No cracks, no fades, no deterioration whatsoever. The quality is incredible! ” -Jeff Busley